Steg 2

Steg 2 vÄren 2024

Livscykler och livsstilar


Flowing with life, we are renewed with each breath. Discover the mystery and the mastery through every cycle of life.


  • Review your personal biography in a manner that will turn dead weight from the past into gold.
  • Understand and take practical measures to harmonize the 7, 11 and 18 year cycles; The cycles of destiny and fate, the rings of success, the cycles of consciousness. Find the crucial transitions point in your life, discover the destiny of your incarnation and establish a realistic future projection.
  • Rewrite and maintain your higher destiny with a natural flow of prosperity through the balance of your life rhythms”.
  • Step further into the practical science of transforming your life from habits that are soul-demoting to a discipline that is soul-promoting.