YogalÀrare Steg 2

Steg 2 vÄren 2023

Medveten kommunikation


As teachers we uplift and penetrate through conscious communication. Come and experience mastery through the power of the word. This particular module addresses our projection and effectiveness; exploring the basic concepts behind conscious communication.

  • Be able to identify and explain the key concepts and ideas in conscious communication.

  • Know how to use conscious communication to be an effective listener, speaker and presenter. 

  • Be able to practice harmonious communication in areas of conflict or confrontation.

  • Know how conscious communication relates to yoga practices and goals, using your chakras. 

  • Recognize how your personal life is affected by conscious communication and how it impacts social interactions. Learn more about your hidden self, shadow self and the mask.

  • Show increased interest in conscious communication and how it helps you to interpret and approach the world.

  • Be able to use personal practices that continue to develop your conscious communication skills.

  • Uplifting others through the frequency of your communication as a direct path to self-mastery.